“At TriviumVet we hire and work with people who believe in the same core values. After that, it is the power of diversity, challenge and thinking differently which allows us to innovate”

Louise Grubb CEO



 To bridge the treatment gaps in veterinary healthcare for companion animals




At TriviumVet our mission is to deliver innovative healthcare solutions for companion animals



The TriviumVet vision is to have a valuable impact on global pet healthcare

Our pet’s role in our lives has changed over the past number of decades
Pets have moved from outdoors to indoors and now are an integral part of the family
This has created a need for more sophisticated and efficient therapies for our animals

The changing dynamic of pet ownership

We believe the pet is part of the family. Increasingly the full potential for dogs and cats to enrich their owners’ quality of life; both physical and mental is being understood. When our animal’s age or become ill it is not just an inconvenience, it is a problem which needs to be solved with the best medicines and technologies available so that our pets can live pain-free, healthy lives.

Therefore, it is critical that all owners have the opportunity to provide their pets with the healthcare they need.

At Trivium Vet, we believe in…

Protecting the health of animals
All animals have the right to receive approved, regulated therapeutics designed for them alone.

Focusing on the endgame
Our solutions only work when they are in the hands of veterinarians. Our company is focused on delivering safe effective therapeutics for veterinarian prescription.

Building Value in TriviumVet
We are developing a managed portfolio of therapeutics to continuously build company value.

Constantly striving for success
Our independence and entrepreneurial heritage means we are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Doing more with less
Unencumbered by scale and hierarchy, we share and transfer knowledge throughout our company and partners – leveraging our collective skills and experience.