FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine deems TriviumVet’s feline HCM program eligible for expanded conditional approval pathway

TriviumVet™ are delighted to announce that the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine has determined that our feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) therapeutic candidate, Felycin™ can pursue the expanded conditional approval pathway. US Congress granted the FDA a limited expansion of the conditional approval pathway for certain new animal drugs under the 2018 reauthorization […]

The changing dynamics of veterinary care – by Louise Grubb

The changing dynamics of veterinary care DVM360 Louise Grubb, TriviumVet CEO   How COVID-19 prompted veterinary care to change and the new ways of the business that will remain in the post-pandemic world.   The US animal health industry has long been a global front-runner. Over the past few generations, our pets have made the […]

TriviumVet announce collaboration with the Dog Aging Project

TriviumVet, today announced an exciting research collaboration with the Dog Aging Project, TRIAD Trial. What is the Dog Aging Project? The Dog Aging Project is an innovative initiative based in the United States that brings together a community of dogs, owners, veterinarians, researchers, and volunteers to carry out the most ambitious canine health study in […]

CEO Louise Grubb discusses with Life Science Leader need for innovation in animal health

TriviumVet CEO and Co-founder Louise Grubb discusses with Life Science Leader magazine how increased pet ownership during #COVID has underscored the need to prioritize innovative approaches to animal health. https://www.lifescienceleader.com/doc/increased-pet-ownership-during-covid-shows-need-for-animal-health-innovations-0001 Increased Pet Ownership During COVID-19 Shows Need For Animal Health Innovations    

TriviumVet announce publication of recent research into gastric acid suppression in dogs

TriviumVet are delighted to announce the publication of a clinical study assessing our first product in development, a gastric acid suppressant to treat gastric ulceration in dogs. Unmet treatment need Worldwide there are no veterinary registered pharmaceutical treatments for gastric ulceration in dogs. Gastric ulceration is a well-recognized disorder in canine veterinary practice, often arising […]

TriviumVet advance their first feline product, a potential treatment for HCM in cats

TriviumVet commence clinical study of first-in-disease treatment for HCM in cats We are delighted to announce the initiation of a ground-breaking clinical study in client-owned cats to evaluate the effectiveness of our patented delayed-release rapamycin formulation (TRIV-203F) in treating hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Rapamycin background Results of previous laboratory animal studies and effects observed in human […]

TriviumVet named in Ireland’s top 100 Start Ups List for the second year running

TriviumVet are delighted to be featured in Ireland’s premier list of the top 100 start ups in Ireland. Each year The Sunday Business Post profile the most exciting new companies in Ireland. The list is full of innovation, entrepreneurial grit and world beating successes. This is the second year in a row TriviumVet have been […]