How Irish businesses are cashing in on the ‘pet humanisation’ boom The ‘pet parenting’ phenomenon has helped create a multibillion-euro industry.

FIRST, THE FAMILY pet slept in the back yard. Then it was welcomed into the house. Now, it could very well share a bedroom – if not a bed – with its owner.

The evolution of people treating cats and dogs like one of the family has helped pet care evolve into a lucrative, multibillion-euro industry, opening up new opportunities for Irish entrepreneurs.

Some 80 million households across the EU alone own at least one pet, according to 2018 figures compiled by pet food industry representative FEDIAF, with cats and dogs collectively making up most of the bloc’s domesticated animal population.

Widespread pet ownership has helped the cat and dog food market generate annual sales worth €21 billion, while the pet accessories and services industry is clocking in revenues of €18.5 billion each year…….link to full article here.

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